It all started with Parkrun.  I had been running off and on for a while, but not very far, maybe 1 or 2km at the most, and I was always exhausted and thought that I couldn't go any further.  So when a friend asked if I wanted to join her that weekend at Parkrun I didn't think it was possible!

But I did a few runs that week, slowly increasing my distance as much as I felt comfortable doing.  I got up to 4.3km on the Thursday night, then took a risk and went to Parkrun on Saturday morning.  I was terrified that I wouldn't be able to do it, but also excited to experience a huge group run for the first time.  Of course I went to Bushy Park Parkrun, which is where it all started and probably one of the biggest.

My husband and both children came to watch and cheer me on, I was practically in tears as I crossed that finish line.  I was in 1110th place and did it in 38:49.  It's silly because it wouldn't be a time to be proud of for most people, but I was just so amazed that I had done it!

You don't get a medal when you finish Parkrun, but I had been joking about how I deserved one, so my little boy made me one!  That is still my favourite medal.

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