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My First 10k

I was running the 5km Parkrun regularly for well over a year before I decided that it was time to push myself a little bit further and go for a 10km run.  I was so nervous to take this step as it is just so much further!  But I found a local run and signed myself up for it before I could really talk myself out of it.

Then I put the date into my Nike running app on my phone, and it set me up on a training plan.  So I ran three times a week just like I had been doing, but now I was stretching my distances that little bit further each time, and also challenging myself to run a bit faster.

In truth, because life often gets in the way, I had only done over 10k one time before the day of the race, so I was still very nervous that I wouldn't be able to complete it!  But I got myself there on the day, packed my bag full of essentials and got ready to try it.

It wasn't the easiest run for me, because it was a smaller event there were a lot of people who ran a quicker pace than me, so I di…