My First 10k

I was running the 5km Parkrun regularly for well over a year before I decided that it was time to push myself a little bit further and go for a 10km run.  I was so nervous to take this step as it is just so much further!  But I found a local run and signed myself up for it before I could really talk myself out of it.

Then I put the date into my Nike running app on my phone, and it set me up on a training plan.  So I ran three times a week just like I had been doing, but now I was stretching my distances that little bit further each time, and also challenging myself to run a bit faster.

In truth, because life often gets in the way, I had only done over 10k one time before the day of the race, so I was still very nervous that I wouldn't be able to complete it!  But I got myself there on the day, packed my bag full of essentials and got ready to try it.

It wasn't the easiest run for me, because it was a smaller event there were a lot of people who ran a quicker pace than me, so I didn't have a lot of company at the back.  I wasn't worried about my time at all, I just wanted to finish, but I do like the motivation and the distraction of being surrounded by people.  It's also along a trail through the woods and there were a lot of puddles from the rain the night before, which made for some tricky manoeuvring.  

But I did it!  It took me over an hour, but I completed it and I felt incredible at the end!  The best part was that there were sweets and Pip and Nut peanut butter and almond butter sachets at the finish line!  My new discovery of the best after run snack ever!

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