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Getting Ready for 30 Days to Healthy Living

After all the excess food consumption over the Christmas holidays, and the lack of running due to the cold and being constantly unwell at this time of year, it's time for a healthy reboot!  So I'm going to be trying the Arbonne30 Days to Healthy Living and Beyond plan starting on February 5th!

You can read all about the plan here, but basically I'm going to be eliminating (or cutting down on) common allergens and unhealthy foods such as wheat/gluten, dairy, refined sugar, and alcohol.  I will also be cutting back on caffeine (but not eliminating it entirely, I do need my morning coffee and don't want to set myself up to fail!)

I will also be replacing one meal with a healthy shake each day.  For me I've decided that I eat quite a healthy breakfast already, and with a few changes it can be dairy free.  So I will be replacing my lunch (which is usually just a cheese sandwich!) with a healthy shake using Arbonne Protein Shake Powder, Daily Fibre Support and Greens Balan…